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. / A-Nauhas / 2002 /
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1.Aa meray laal tujhe maa
874 KB · MP3
2.Khuda khair karay
705 KB · MP3
3.Khuda khair karay
391 KB · RM
4.May hoon Zainab(s.a)
618 KB · MP3
5.May hoon Zainab(s.a.)
342 KB · RM
6.Mustafa(pbuh&hf) ki aal piyasi
594 KB · MP3
7.Mustafa(pbuh&hf) ki aal piyasi
329 KB · RM
8.Thak gaye hoon Sajjad(a.s.) may
685 KB · MP3
9.Thak gaye hoon Sajjad(a.s.) may
380 KB · RM
10.Ya Abul Qasim(a.s)
709 KB · MP3

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